Mario Percali 'The Art of Piano EP' - Tunemasters

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This release includes four original unreleased 1995 productions.
Recorded and produced in the early 1990s these tracks were meant to be released on Disco Magic UK in the first half of 1996 but never were.
Directly from the original DAT masters, they are finally released together.

The DJ Edition also includes six bonus tracks: three more unreleased tunes and extra mixes of Planet Dream.

Available as MP3, WAV and DJ Edition.

Vinyl edition and Expanded CD edition available from Disco Magic UK.

1 Marius “Planet Dream” (Extended Mix)
2 Kristaal “Hands in the Air” (Club Mix)
3 II Example’s “I’m the One” (Extended Mix)
4 Lagardere “Synthopia” (Club Mix)

DJ EDITION also includes:

5 Marius “Space Race” (Extended Mix)
6 Lagardere “Escape to Reality” (Original Mix)
7 Cinzia Kay “Infinite Love” (Piano Mix)
8 Cinzia Kay “Infinite Love” (Space Mix)
9 Marius “Planet Dream” (Radio Mix)
10 Marius “Planet Dream” (No-Drums-Intro Mix)

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