Magnetix 'Do You Want Me' 24-Bit Remasters - Renegade Records

  • £2.99

NEW 2020 / 2021 Digital Remasters. Original full versions.

Remastered from the original analogue master tapes.

Available in 4 editions.

All editions include the 24-Bit digital remasters:

01 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Extended Mix)
02 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Deep Mix)
03 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Piano Mix)

The Collector Editions also include the original vinyl transfers:

04 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Extended Mix)
05 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Deep Mix)
06 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Piano Mix)

The DJ Edition has all the above plus bonus unreleased mixes and extended edits from the original masters:

07 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Extended Piano Mix)
08 Magnetix - Do You Want Me (Alpha Synth Mix)

Which Edition Shall I choose?

MP3 Collector Packs and WAV Collector Packs include the digital remasters plus the original vinyl transfers in MP3 or WAV format.

WAV Editions include the 24-bit digital remasters in full quality WAV.

The DJ Edition includes all the mixes  plus exclusive DJ-friendly club edits from the original masters in full quality WAV format.

Why bother wth the vinyl transfers?

The transfers from the original vinyl preserve the authentic 1990s sound: they were mastered for vinyl in London at Porky's or at the Exchange in by the experienced cutting engineers responsible for most of the Dance records of that period.

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