Kristaal / Ga. Va. Co. / Monika 'Special Reserve Vol. 1' - Tunemasters

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Each Special Reserve series vinyl includes four new extended versions from the original DAT masters of our classic 90s catalogue
DJ-friendly extended, remastered edits that bring out the best of each track.
They are not remixed and preserve the sound of the originals.

Special Reserve Volume 1 includes tracks by Kristaal, Ga.Va.Co. and Monika

Available as MP3, WAV and DJ Edition.

Vinyl edition and Expanded CD edition available from Disco Magic UK.

1 Kristaal – No Longer (Vintage Mix)
2 Monika – K I S (DJ-Friendly Mix)
3 Ga. Va .Co,. – SHOW ME (Piano House Mix)
4 Ga. Va .Co. – SHOW ME (Synth Mix)

SAVE 50%! - DJ EDITION also includes all the mixes from the three original vinyl releases remastered in 2020 from the original masters in full, lossless WAV:

5 Kristaal – No Longer (Full Action Mix)
6 Kristaal – No Longer (Original Mix)
7 Kristaal – No Longer (Radio Mix)
8 Ga. Va. Co. Feat. Vanessa – Show Me (Piano Mix)
9 Ga. Va. Co. Feat. Vanessa – Show Me (Club Mix)
10 Ga. Va. Co. Feat. Vanessa – Show Me (Trance Mix)
11 Monika – K I S (Club Mix)
12 Monika – K I S (Undie Mix)
13 Monika – K I S (Radio Mix)

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