34 Classic Disco Magic UK Tunes - MP3 Format

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For the first time together on digital MP3

34 classics from the Disco Magic UK 1990s catalogue.

Full length - uncut.

File size: 450MB ca




Full track listing includes:


Alfredo - Action! (Piano Mix)

Electric Choc - Move Your Body Now (Piano Mix)

ASHA - J.J. Tribute (Rob Tissera Meets Dream Frequency Mix)

The Pianoman - Tribute To Asha (The Pianoman's Mix)

The Pianoman - Tribute To Asha (So In Love Pianoman's Original Mix)

Indie UK - Apollonia 94 (The Pianoman's Full On Remix) BIH

G & VJ - Gonna Get The Boy (Dancefloor Devastation '95 Mix)

G & VJ - Gonna Get The Boy (The Zone Bom-Di-Gi-Boy Remix)

Wand And Storm HQ - Do Ya Wanna Party (Trade Club Mix)

The Piano Project - Dreaming (DJ Sammon Original Mix)

Stiff Fingers - Short Dick Man (UK Remix)

Ga. Va. Co. Feat. Vanessa - Show Me (Piano Mix)

Mary House Featuring Gloriah - Stay Mine (Piano Mix)

Cinzia Kay - You Can Party (Dance Mix)

Kristaal - No Longer (Full Action Mix)

Maya - Come Into My Heart (Original Mix)

Cinzia Kay - Destiny (Xtend Mix)

Monika - K I S (Club Mix)

Monika - My Love Will Wait (Alternative Mix)

Piano Club - Everytime (Xtend Mix)

Nils Booph Presents Indica Grooves - The Touch (Original Mix)

Funky Munkey - 70 - 95

K I S - Take My Life (Club Mix)

Karma - The Heart (Original Piano)

Space System - Energy (Snow Mix)

Lindy Crawford - I Wanna Feel The Rhythm (Piano Version)

Neverland - Come Into My Life

Neverland - Love Is All Around

No Smoking Featuring Haissella - All My Love (Radio Mix)

Overbeat - Are You Ready (Radio Version)

Schwartz & Eggar - Hard (Smooth Mix)

Daedalus - Alta Est Fabula (Original Mix)

Eden's Club - Heaven (Eden's Mix)

Eden's Club - Love The Power (Piano Mix)


Mastered for vinyl in Milan between 1993 and 1995 by the experienced cutting engineers responsible for most of the Dance records of that period.
Part of the DIGITAL VINYL COLLECTION, these quality transfers in MP3 format reproduce the exact sound of the original vinyl without any unnecessary processing or remastering.


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