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DMWX are the letters used for in the 1990s catalogue numbers of Disco Magic UK's vinyl releases on the “Disco Magic Worldwide” label (for example, the catalogue number of Alfredo “Action!” was DMWX 3201).

The “Disco Magic Worldwide” label was used for the tunes that Disco Magic UK commissioned directly from producers as opposed to licensing from Discomagic in Italy and from other labels.

For these records Disco Magic UK owned, and still owns, the worldwide rights.

Some of their new vinyl-only releases, starting from 2018, continue the series from DMWX 3229 DMU “We Gotta Come Together” onward with five releases so far.

Digital releases keep the DMWX prefix of the originals:

The first number indicates the format: DMWX 1201 is the MP3 version of Alfredo “Action!” while DMWX 2201 in the WAV version. The number 7 is reserved for the forthcoming WAV DJ Editions with extra unreleased original mixes (as in DMWX 7201).

Eurowave.Digital is the exclusive digital distributor for Disco Magic UK's catalogue.


On this page you will find direct links to special free downloads:

- A 20-minute Audio file featuring the 1990s DMWX Catalogue.

- A 20-minute Video with full release details for each track.

- A PDF ebook with the history of the DMWX series with many unreleased pictures from the 90s.

- DMUK's 40-page 2018 Release Catalogue

- The Full 1990s Collector Catalogue

All these downloads are free but please do not distribute them.

If you want to share them with friends, give them the link to this page so they can get them from here :) 

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Watch the Video

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Download the Video



Download / Read the Full Current Catalogue

Download / Read the 1990s Collector Catalogue



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